It has been said that our thoughts are creative and that our thoughts shape our beliefs.  More aptly our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our beliefs, our beliefs create our actions, and our actions create our results.

So, where do our thoughts come from?

They come from the file cabinets of our minds and the old programming from the past.  We have all been influenced by our family, friends, churches, teachers, and other authority figures in our lives.  They also come from our memory banks that hold the perceptions of our past experiences of what was said or done to us.

I remember as a kid believing my thoughts were powerful.  It was common for me to think of something and see it manifested in a very short span of time.  For this reason, I always believed that it was important for me to be careful with my thoughts.  One of my favorite things to do was pick four leaf clovers.  Each time I did, I was always amazed that I would find the exact number I believed I would find.  I thought it was the norm, except when I would invite others to do it with me, they had little success finding them as easily as I did or even at all.  I would catch lightening bugs in my hand by thinking that I could.  I would make straight A’s and pass school exams by thinking that I knew the exact questions the teacher was going to ask before the test was administered and those exact questions would be on the exam.  Since I could not explain exactly why I had this power with my thoughts, I never told anyone else about it.

As an only child I played alone and often desired a playmate. So at the age of 7 I decided to use my thoughts to create twins in my future when I was old enough to marry and have a family.  I wanted my children to always have someone to play with.   At the age of 23 during my pregnancy I would ask the doctors if I was having twins and they confirmed with me repeatedly that I was not giving birth to twins because they could only see and hear one heartbeat.  Today I have beautiful 24-year old twin daughters.  Imagine that.

It has been my experience that “thinking makes it so.”  And when I began to study metaphysics and learn about the power of my thoughts it definitely resonated with me.  I felt so at home because I had been living this way for so many years without an understanding of why it is this way.

Ancient wisdom and new thought offer two points of philosophy that anchor me and keep me centered:

  • My thoughts are creative, and
  • It is done unto me as I believe.

Think about what you are thinking!

It has been estimated, but not confirmed, that we have between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts each day.  For many people, some of these thoughts are fear-based or negative, conditioned thoughts from past experiences.  I believe what is more important than the number of thoughts we have is to consider that most of the thoughts we have are repetitive which is why we oftentimes believe they are true.  It is also important to know that you do not have to believe every thought you think.  It is up to you, which thoughts you choose to entertain.  You can and do choose your thoughts and you can also choose to change your thoughts.  You are not obligated to keep a thought that you have decided is no longer benefiting you.  You have been given volition or free will to choose your thoughts, no need to let them choose you.

Take a moment and think about something you thought and manifested in your life that you are happy about.  Now take a moment and think about something you thought about and manifested that you may be unhappy about.  I assure you that it would be easy for you to make a list of both scenarios that dates back many years.

Have you ever wanted to know what you are thinking so you can change it and get better results in some area of your life?  If so, here is a quick exercise to help you identify some of your thought patterns that may be giving you undesirable results:

  1. List a few tangible results in your life that you wish were different. These results may be in your health, your finances, your relationships or your work.  For example, do you frequently catch colds or get the flu during the winter months?  Or are your finances unstable and inconsistent?  Do you tend to date people who are emotionally unavailable?  Or, do you get passed over for promotion in every job you have?  These patterns reveal your pattern of thinking.
  2. Once you are aware of your pattern of thinking, you can identify where that pattern may have originated by identifying your belief about that specific topic. What mantra do you have about:  health, prosperity, relationships and work?  Whose voice do you hear the following?  “It’s flu season and I always get sick this time of year.  You have to work hard to make money.  A good man/woman is hard to find.  I always get passed over for promotion.”
  3. Now let’s create new thoughts about each of these topics that support your desire. For example, “I always take good care of my body and never get sick during the winter.  Because I work smart and it is easy for me to earn good money.  I enjoy meeting good men/women who like to have fun.  There are new and exciting job opportunities are opening for me at work.”
  4. Use your affirmations daily to create a new consciousness about the new outcomes you desire. When you are willing to release old thought patterns to create new experiences in your life, you will change your results.
  5. Be patient and believe, no matter what you see. Sometimes it takes time to see new results