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Heal Your Life Workshops
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 19 reviews
by Percy on Heal Your Life Workshops

My favorite parts of each session with Greta has been the reassurance she provides that no matter what issues or obstacles I am currently facing in life, that if I change my mind and focus towards what I want, then all the world must change accordingly. She’s not only a teacher, she is student who practices what she teaches. She is a LIFE Coach in every sense of the word. Like in Football, Greta will grab you by your facemask, TELL you to put your mouthpiece back in and get back in the GAME OF LIFE…but it will be done with LOVE and COMPASSION.

by Kia on Heal Your Life Workshops

My Living Room Tour experience was life changing. I had already been on the path of self-development, but this workshop elevated my experience to a whole new level that would have been hard to achieve on my own. That workshop was 2 weeks ago and I am still telling people about my experience. I do affirmations now and I absolutely love mirror work. I’m looking forward to working with Greta for years to come!

by Lesa on Heal Your Life Workshops

The experience was phenomenal! Greta created an environment where a group of women, who did not know each other, felt safe sharing their innermost feelings.

The Living Room Tour Workshop is a wonderful experience. Greta is a Master at making people feel comfortable and tapping into their individual needs. Anytime I leave a session with Greta I feel completely empowered!

by Kevin on Heal Your Life Workshops

I began working with Greta in June of 2013. She has helped me to know the importance of self-value in my personal relationships. I have always had a challenge with self-neglect and I now have tools and techniques to use to help me be more diligent and loyal to myself. I have learned the importance of my relationship with me. What I liked most about working with Greta was that I could be open and she taught me that “it is safe to look within.”

by Seble on Heal Your Life Workshops

I have been working with Greta since March 2013. Because of her, my business became a real business. Her guidance gave me confidence in me and my business. This year (2014) I have quadrupled my business revenues. This would not have happened without her coaching guidance. She has decorated my life.

by Mercedes on Heal Your Life Workshops

Greta is a developer of leaders. She empowers and encourages you and speaks to the leader in you. She will co-create a strategic plan to ensure financial results in your business based on who you are. She is passionate about women’s wholeness and emotional development. She helps others see that there is a price to pay and there is a pay off when you are willing to pay the price. She brings out the giant inside of people. She helps you laser who you are

by Carolyn on Heal Your Life Workshops

Ultimately, if you work with Greta, you WILL experience her gifting, courage and joy and know without a shadow of a doubt that she desires for you to open up to the good that is waiting for you. That being said, I have manifested two jobs, money and new furniture, a new study group in the small town I live in after working with her for only six months. And the best part is that I know this is only the beginning.

by Tanisha on Heal Your Life Workshops

Thanks for EVERYTHING! You are so inspiring and a great model for my personal and professional growth. I learn so much during each session. You are worth your weight in diamonds. I am receiving a Ph.D. in me! I love that you believe, exude and live what you teach!

by Zoi on Heal Your Life Workshops

Greta helped me to have clarity in my business. Everything I did while working with her brought results. The beauty of Greta’s services is that it helped me to shift and directed me to wholeness. Greta is convenient. She is a Sales Coach/Trainer, Life Coach, and Spiritual Mentor; and was able to assist me on multiple levels.

by Joy on Heal Your Life Workshops

After working with Greta I now notice a “confidence growing within me.” And I now know that it is who I am all the time. It was a pleasure for me to connect with someone who is equally ambitious, highly energetic and responsible who knows how to integrate and practice the spiritual components that add joy and fulfillment to my life. She opened me up to seeing things a different way.

by Victoria on Heal Your Life Workshops

Greta is a dynamic, focused and highly effective life coach. She saw “behind” my issues and was able to help me identify the root cause of the patterns in my life. I feel stronger knowing that she is supporting me and holding up my dreams and goals for the future. Greta gave me the tools to look at my life from a new perspective. That tool has opened doors of possibility for me. I am so thankful for Greta’s coaching. Thank you.

by Jamela on Heal Your Life Workshops

I have been singing Greta’s praises. What sets Greta apart from other coaches is that she doesn’t try to make you change, she grows you from where you are. She is amazing.

by Etienne on Heal Your Life Workshops

I have been very successful at executing and implementing the tools and techniques discussed from our coaching sessions. With Greta’s coaching, you feel empowered and in control. You walk away from her with a sense that you have everything you need to change your situation, which in turn empowers you to take action to change your own life, as opposed to waiting on someone to change your situation for you.

by Sarah Ann on Heal Your Life Workshops

“The Love Your Self, Heal Your Life workshop was absolutely LIFE CHANGING!!! Upon entering the door to the workshop I felt heavy and burdened. Upon leaving the workshop I feel joyful, happy and excited to fall in love with myself.”

by Bill on Heal Your Life Workshops

The Love Your Self, Heal Your Life 2-day workshop was a very good workshop. I enjoyed it, even through the hard parts. I was surprised I had anger and it was good to express and release it. My favorite part was the affirmation bath. It was a wonderfully, imperfectly perfect 2-day journey into why a life can need healing and a simple method to heal your own life.

by Sarah on Heal Your Life Workshops

“Greta was a wonderful lady to trust with my vulnerabilities. This 2-day Love Your Self, Heal Your Life workshop was an emotional boot camp that brought me face to face with myself.”

by Val on Heal Your Life Workshops

“Amazing, spiritual, healing, sustaining…the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life 2-Day weekend workshop has been transformational and brought about an amazing level of self- awareness. I now am in love with myself and accept me as I am!”

by Marie on Heal Your Life Workshops

“In my workshop with Greta regarding my prosperity, I opened up and had a shift I had never seen before! This alone was worth millions! I am so grateful and I am a coach myself who has my own coaching practice. She is very gifted!”

by Melissa on Heal Your Life Workshops

“Greta created a safe space for me to change my patterns. She is a powerful presence.”