Greta Counts

I am Coach Greta!

Greta Counts is a born leader, gifted teacher and inspiring friend. She has an absolute passion for developing people to their personal greatness. Every day she focuses on guiding others to achieve their dreams. Greta believes that all people are divinely creative beings with unlimited potential.

As a result of her comprehensive and in-depth studies in Metaphysics, Greta is a Licensed Practitioner and New Thought Leader and is uniquely trained in the art, the science and skill to offer effective Affirmative Prayer for others also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment. Greta is an active practitioner and member of the Center for Spiritual Living Community, where she has been a member for more than 13 years, Greta is also an Online Instructor for the Spiritual Living Institute, which inspires and supports others toward growing into their highest potential.

In 2012 Greta received training in San Diego to facilitate transformational spiritual workshops as a Certified Heal Your Life Teacher. The group energy of these workshops provide a safe, supportive environment for healing, and are based on the work of Louise Hay and have been attended by thousands of people worldwide. I now offer a personal new favorite mini-workshop called Heal Your Life – Living Room Tours conducted in the warmth and comfort of someone’s living room.

As a Licensed Heal Your Life Coach, Greta is uniquely trained to help others move to a higher level of awareness about who they are. She has a unique approach to coaching that empowers her clients to live healthier, happier lives by living from the “inside out.” This holistic approach teaches clients how to experience success as their authentic self. She is a master at co-creating success with clients to experience better health, greater prosperity, harmonious relationships and unbridled success in their work/career.

Greta has received four (4) designations with Toastmasters International and is an energetic, inspirational Speaker who can spark an audience to take immediate action toward their goals. One attendee had this to say, “Tonight was amazing. Greta made big ideas easily digestible and understandable. She offered insight and techniques to help me know how to apply them in my life. Great energy! Great message!”

Greta earned her BBA in Business Management with a concentration in Organizational Theory and Behavior from the J. Mack Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University. She is an Atlanta native, with beautiful adult twin daughters, and enjoys waterfall hiking, roller skating, salsa dancing and photography.

“I am most passionate about teaching daily routines that encourage self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance through self-awareness. And I look forward to being a part of your healing journey. I can help you have breakthroughs and unfold to wonderful new life experiences that are joyous and abundant. I look forward to working with you.”

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